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sahe If you’re looking to make money online, there are just so many things you can do. You can set up an e-commerce website with an online catalog of products and services. You can set up a service website where you can either produce work for other people or outsource the work to developing countries and get clients from your website. There are just so many ways you can make money off the internet. However, one of the most compelling ways is to build your own Match dating site (hookup site)

Let me tell you right now. If you create an online adult dating site, you can make quite a bit of money. There is a tremendous upside. However, there is also a tremendous downside.

You have to understand that when it comes to dating, there is just so much competition out there. Also, we’re not just talking about regular competition. We’re not talking about mom and pops. We’re talking huge competition in the form of companies that make millions of dollars every single year. That’s the

kind of competition you’re up against.

This is why I strongly suggest that if you’re thinking of making money through dating sites, you need to specialize. One of the best niches that you might want to explore is the online hookup / match dating niche. With that said, here are just some ways you can make money off your website.

Date And Upsell Hooking Up

If you’re looking to make money off a Match dating site, you can either own the website or you can go out on dates with the women who visit your site. It’s very easy to go on a date, as long as your site is full of real women. It’s going to be very difficult if you stock your website with fake women. I know this sounds like common sense, but unfortunately, common sense is quite uncommon nowadays, especially on the internet.

Develop a Social Network With People who want to Hook Up

Another way you can make money off the women joining your website is to essentially network with them. Whether you’re selling products or services, you need to build a network. A lot of these local women would love to network with you because you’re providing a valuable service that they respect. Plus they are there for a match search and hook up, that is the main reason for them being there. Always keep that in mind when running a free match search site.

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fiorellaIf you are looking for a free fuck, here is a tip: don’t act like a pig. Seriously. If you want to get a lot of local action, you only need to follow that one simple advice and you will be banging a lot of pussy. Why? Competitive advantage. Those guys who joined free fuck sites like fuckforfree, either knowingly or unknowingly, turn into pigs. They conduct themselves in a very rough and crude manner.

You have to understand that these women who join these websites are very busy, but they are perfectly normal. They’re not freaks. They’re not emo chicks out to piss off daddy. They’re not chicks on the rebound. They don’t have head issues. Sure, a tiny percentage do have mental and emotional issues, but for the most part these women are perfectly adjusted. They are just looking for raw, memorable sex.

Put it this way, guys have been doing this thousands of years. They’ve been fucking around on their wives and girlfriends and just acting like male sluts. Isn’t it time for women, thanks to the Internet, to do the same thing? Hey, whatever is good for the goose is definitely good for the gander. It’s all about equality, baby. So if you want to truly take your local fuck game to the next level, pay attention to the following. They can help you avoid acting like a pig.

They view sex as commodity

Pigs view sex as a commodity. These dudes just look at all the women on local sex sites as just sex partners. While that’s true, you still have to treat them as people. You still have to respect them. That’s the big difference. Sex is not a commodity; it’s a gateway to a higher level of consciousness.

They think that sex is just about them

If you really want to be a pig, be selfish. That’s the bottomline. In other words, you stick your dick in a hole and you come. You don’t care if your partner is having a good time. You don’t care enough about her to wait for her to come first. It’s all about your pleasure. That, my friend, is the definition of a pig.

They don’t take their time to become better lovers

Make no mistake about it, if you want to become a better lover this means you have to serve other people first. Put other people’s pleasure first. Before you can please yourself, please her many times over. That’s how you become a better lover. It’s all about attention. It’s all about respect and proper appreciation.

Most importantly, it’s about sacrificing your immediate pleasure so you can give her the memories that she’s looking for. If you’re able to do that, you become a good lover. That’s the bottomline. It seems simple, but guys are so selfish and narcissistic nowadays that a good lover is quite rare indeed.

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